Terms and Conditions

  • The information provided by the applicant is expected to be true and accurate.
  • Internship would be considered only for a period of 4/5 weeks and no change in dates will be entertained.
  • Internship requests would strictly be considered through the website portal only and communication about the confirmation will be communicated through the portal.
  • Internship from June 2022 onwards: The applicant can apply 60 to 90 days prior to the requested internship period. For applying internship in June, the website will be activated 3 months prior i.e. March 2022 and there will be a window of 1 month (up to end of February) to apply. The internship offer will be confirmed within 50 days prior to the start of the internship period.
  • Internship for April & May 2022: The applicants can apply from February 01till February 28, 2022 for internship in the month of April & May 2022 respectively. Choose the appropriate date based on the month of interest
  • You will be required to complete a 2-step process for concluding your application. Step 1 -Please fill up this application form with relevant details. Step 2 -Please take the online quiz. Once both these steps are completed, your application will be considered submitted.
  • In case of any queries on the application process in the portal – please send the queries to [email protected] and not on any other email id.
  • No internship requests / applications would be accepted on the email and any such request / application need to be routed through the portal only.
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  • (Please note that there would be various email correspondences shared with you, to complete our automated on-boarding process. Request you to keep checking your mails (including your spam folder) for email correspondences from our end.)